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Count on us for reliable support throughout your space exploration journey. Explore our extensive range of services tailored to your defense and space operations. From sourcing components to expert consulting, we offer end-to-end solutions.

Engineering Design

Circuit Design

Crafting a detailed schematic to intricately arrange and interconnect components for specific electronic functionality.

Schematic Design

Creating a simplified and standardized visual representation of electronic circuit interconnections and components.

System-On-Chip Design

Integrating diverse electronic functionalities onto a unified semiconductor substrate optimizes amalgamation for cutting-edge systems.

Integrated Circuit Design

Precisely arranging electronic components on a semiconductor substrate to create a sophisticated, functional, and compact electronic circuit.

CubeSat Integration

Dive into a world where precision meets innovation, and every semiconductor tells a tale of perfection.

Reverse Engineering


Extracting the semiconductor device from its protective encapsulation, unveiling the bare silicon die for subsequent analysis

Functional Analysis

Understanding how data is processed and flows through the circuitry of a semiconductor device, unveiling its operational logic and purpose.

Reverse Synthesis

Understanding how data is processed and flows through the circuitry of a semiconductor device, unveiling its operational logic and purpose.

Reverse Engineering

Empower your space endeavors with our premier radiation hardened solutions, setting the stage for pioneering advancements in satellite technology.

Package Assembly

Die Attachment

Secure adherence of a bare silicon die to a substrate or lead frame by utilizing a die attach material.

Wire Bonding

Establishing electrical connections between a bare silicon die and a substrate or lead frame using thin wires.


Consolidating materials to complete the encapsulation and molding of devices, ensuring their top-notch quality and functionality.

Lead Formation

Shaping and configuring the leads or pins on a semiconductor device, facilitating easy integration and connection with external circuits on a circuit board.

Package Assembly

Power your space ambitions with state-of-the-art ASICs and SOCs, laying the foundation for groundbreaking satellite missions.


Wafer Testing

ATE is employed for assessing the electrical attributes of individual semiconductor devices on a wafer prior to their disjunction and encapsulation.

Burn-In Testing

Devices undergo accelerated testing in demanding conditions to unveil latent defects, fortifying the long-term reliability and stability of semiconductor devices.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

High-resolution imaging used for detailed analysis of the physical structure of semiconductor devices, helping identify defects at the microscopic level.


Empower your space missions with rigorous testing, guaranteeing operational excellence beyond the atmosphere.


Design Qualification

Evaluate the design's compliance with specifications and requirements.

Operational Qualification

Verify that the equipment operates according to specifications.

Performance Qualification

Conduct tests under normal operating conditions, analyze results, and assess reliability.

Product Qualification

Execute extensive testing of manufactured devices, ensuring they meet quality and performance standards.

Package Assembly

Unleashing Ingenuity through Advanced Microcontrollers and Configurable Logic Devices for pioneering Satellite Expeditions.


Design for Reliability (DFR)

Evaluate potential failure modes, assess stress factors, and implement design features to enhance reliability.

Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)

Subject devices to elevated temperatures, voltage, and stress levels to accelerate aging and assess long-term reliability.

Failure Analysis

Analyze failed devices using techniques like microscopy and spectroscopy to identify failure mechanisms.

Field Reliability Monitoring

Analyze data from devices deployed in the field to validate and improve reliability models.


Propel Your Celestial Ambitions with Our State-of-the-Art Microprocessors and Configurable Logic Devices.

NAICS CodeIndustry
334413Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing
334419Other Electronic Component Manufacturing
335999All Other Miscellaneous Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing
541330Engineering Services
334418Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly)
334412Bare Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
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