Unveiling the SIF4 ASIC, a cutting-edge sensor interface meticulously engineered with TSMC 0.25μm CMOS technology. With a power consumption below 15 mW and TID hardness surpassing 810 Krad, this device ensures unwavering performance in demanding scenarios. Accommodating up to 6 pressure transducers, the SIF4 integrates constant current biasing, a 14-bit ADC, and a programmable gain differential amplifier. This versatile technology precisely quantizes both transducer voltage and temperature, demonstrating immunity to Single Event Latches (SELs) up to 81.6 MeV=mg=cm. Seamlessly transmitting data to an external microcontroller through I2C or SPI interfaces, the SIF4 ASIC redefines precision and resilience in sensing applications.


→  Fabricated in the TSMC 0.25μm CMOS Technology

→  Bias the Pressure Transducers (PTs) with a constant current

→  Quantize the differential PT voltage and PT Temperature

→  Perform PT offset cancellation through a programmable input

→  Handle up to 6 PTs simultaneously

→  BW limit of input signals to 100 KHz

→  Programmable Gain Differential Amplifier

→  14-bit ADC (12 true)

→  Power Consumption < 15 mW

→  TID Hardness > 810 krads

→  No SELs up to 81.6 MeV=mg=cm

→  No SEUs up to 52.9 MeV=mg=cm

→  Transmit the quantized PT data to an external microcontroller through an I2C or SPI bus