Radiation Hardened SRAM

Radiation Hardened SRAM

Unveil our Radiation-Hardened SRAM, an advanced 32-bit parallel memory solution meticulously engineered for demanding environments. Operating seamlessly with a precisely regulated 1.8V core supply voltage, this SRAM thrives in temperatures ranging from -55°C to +125°C. Featuring a capacious 16 Mega Bit memory, a meticulously sealed leaded flatpack, and a highly adaptable three-state bidirectional data bus, it sets new standards for durability and compatibility. With an impressive Soft Error Rate of 10^(-10) errors/bit-day or better, it's tailor-made for aerospace applications, delivering rapid 20 ns read cycles and demonstrating immunity to Single Event Upsets. Trust in its sophisticated resilience for pivotal projects that demand unparalleled performance.


→  Data Width: 32 Bit Parallel

→  1.8 +/- 0.15V Core Supply Voltage

→  3.3V ± 0.3V I/O Supply Voltage

→  16 Mega Bits

→  3.3V TTL/CMOS Input/Output Compatibility

→  Three State Bidirectional Data Bus

→  Asynchronous Read and Write

→  Operating temperature -55 °C to +125 °C

→  Hermetically Sealed Leaded Flatpack <(1.25” X 1.25”)

→  SER (Soft Error Rate) 10^(-10) errors/bit-day or better

→  20 ns typical Read Cycle Time

→  20 ns (max) Address Access Time

→  20 ns (max) Chip Select Access Time

→  10 ns (max) Output Enable Access Time

→  20 ns or better Write Cycle Time (min)

→  Radiation Hardened upto 300 krads

→  SEL Immunity >100 MeV/mg/cm2

→  No SEFIs up to 100 MeV/mg/cm2

→  SEU LET threshold above 40 MeV/mg/cm2