Radiation Hardened NOR Flash

Radiation Hardened NOR Flash

Discover our Radiation-Hardened NOR Flash, a high-performance memory solution designed for extreme conditions. With a 64 Megabit capacity, single +3.3V power supply, and fast 60ns Read/Write Access Time, it ensures reliable operation in challenging environments. Boasting a flexible bank architecture, 10,000 cycles per sector programming endurance, and compatibility with traditional flash devices, this NOR Flash is a resilient choice. Operating from -40°C to +105°C, with a Total Ionizing Dose of <10 or 50 krads (Si), it excels in aerospace and defense applications, offering simultaneous read/write operations and data retention exceeding 20 years at +90°C.


→  64 MegaBits

→  Single +3.3V Power Supply

→  Fast 60ns Read/Write Access Time

→  Functionally Compatible with Traditional Single Power Supply Flash Devices

→  Parallel Interface

→  CFI Protocol Implementation

→  Programming Endurance 10 K Cycles per Sector

→  Simultaneous Read/Write Operations

→  Flexible Bank Architecture

→  Data Retention > 20 years at +90°C

→  Temperature Range: -40°C to +105°C

→  Total Ionizing Dose: <10 or 50 krads (Si)

→  SEL Immune: ≤80 MeV-cm2/mg

→  SEU Immune: Memory Cell 102 MeV-cm2/mg @ 25°C