Radiation Hardened Microcontroller

Radiation Hardened Microcontroller

Unveiling our state-of-the-art Radiation-Hardened Microcontroller, meticulously crafted for peak performance in challenging aerospace and space environments. Powered by a cutting-edge RISC-V microprocessor, it features essential components like a DMA controller, Memory Management Unit, and Watchdog Timer for unmatched reliability. The Analog section ensures precision with a 14-bit ADC, bias current generation, and a 14-bit DAC. With extensive connectivity through interfaces like SPI, SpaceWire, CAN, MIL-STD 1553B, I2C, and UART, coupled with internal Flash memory and RAM, this microcontroller is the ultimate choice for mission-critical projects demanding resilience against radiation. Elevate your applications with our exceptional Radiation-Hardened Microcontroller.


→  RISC-V Microprocessor Module

→  DMA Controller

→  Memory Management Unit

→  Watchdog Timer

→  Control, Test, and Debug Unit

→  Clock and Configuration Management Unit

→  Internal Non-Volatile Memory

→  Internal Memory - RAM

→  Analog section that consists of 14 Bit at 1 MSPS ADC, Bias Current Generation Unit, 14 Bit DAC at 100 KSPS, Analog Switch Matrix

→  Communication Interface section that host the following interfaces 2 SPI, 1 SpaceWire, 1 CAN, 1 MIL-STD 1553B, 1 I2C and 2 UART