Radiation Hardened LVDS Transmitter

Radiation Hardened LVDS Transmitter

Unveiling our cutting-edge Radiation-Resilient LVDS Transmitter, meticulously designed for unparalleled dependability in challenging environments. With a fault-tolerant architecture and advanced signal optimization, it guarantees uninterrupted operation in high-radiation scenarios, facilitating high-speed LVDS data transmission. Operating seamlessly across an extensive temperature range, this transmitter optimizes power efficiency without compromising on performance. Its compact and rugged aerospace-grade construction allows for seamless integration into space-constrained environments. Supported by comprehensive testing and documentation, it stands as the epitome of resilience for critical missions.


→  Radiation-Resistant IC (Integrated Circuit)

→  LVDS Driver

→  Temperature Compensation Mechanism

→  EMC Filtering and Shielding

→  High-Speed Clocking Mechanism

→  Power Management System

→  Fault Tolerance and Error Correction

→  Compact and Robust PCB Layout

→  Comprehensive Testing and Quality Assurance

→  High Data Rate Capability

→  Robust Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)