Radiation Hardened LVDS DeSerializer

Radiation Hardened LVDS DeSerializer

Unveiling our cutting-edge Radiation-Hardened LVDS Serializer, meticulously crafted for extreme environments. With a versatile input clock range of 15 to 125 MHz, three-channel serial LVDS outputs, and a dedicated clock LVDS output, it ensures precise data transmission. Operating in temperatures from -55 to 125 degrees Celsius, this serializer combines efficiency with low power consumption. With radiation-hardened capabilities up to 300 krads and a robust SEU LET threshold above 40 MeV/mg/cm2, it stands as a reliable solution for space applications. Elevate your projects with the pinnacle of advanced technology and resilience.


→  15 to 75 MHz Shift Clock Suppor

→  50% Duty Cycle on receiver Output Clock

→  325 mV (typ) swing LVDS devices for low EMI

→  PLL requires No external components

→  Rising edge Strobe

→  Cold sparing all pins

→  Low Power Consumption

→  ±1V common mode range (around +1.2V)

→  48-lead Flatpack (1.4 grams)

→  Radiation Hardened upto 300 krads

→  Narrow bus reduces cable size and cost

→  SEL Immunity >100 MeV/mg/cm2

→  Up to 1.575 Gbps throughput

→  No SEFIs up to 100 MeV/mg/cm2

→  Up to 197 Megabytes/second bandwidth

→  SEU LET Threshold above 40 MeV/mg/cm2