Quantum Cascade Detector (QCD)

Quantum Cascade Detector (QCD)

Unveil the pioneering stride in spectroscopic sensing. Leveraging the formidable efficacy of quantum cascade technology, the QCD attains unrivaled precision in substance identification, tailor-made for sophisticated applications such as trace gas analysis and environmental monitoring. Its adaptable spectral range guarantees flexibility, while the streamlined design ensures effortless integration into multifaceted systems without compromising performance. Endowed with real-time monitoring capabilities, the QCD stands as an epitome of innovation, establishing novel benchmarks in cutting-edge sensing solutions. Embrace the forefront of high-performance detection technology with the Quantum Cascade Detector.


→  Quantum Cascade Structure

→  Infrared Source

→  Customizable Spectral Range

→  Photodetector

→  Compact and Reliable Design

→  Signal Processing Algorithms

→  Power Management System

→  Versatile Connectivity Ports

→  High Thermal Conductivity

→  Peltier Cooler

→  Multi-layer Dielectric Coatings

→  Ultra-Low Noise Electronics

→  Hermetically Sealed Casing

→  Integrated Microcontroller Unit

→  Comprehensive Diagnostic Interface