nBn based MWIR Photodetectors

n-type/B/n-type nBn based MWIR Photodetectors

Unveiling our nBn-based MWIR Photodetectors, meticulously engineered with a pixel density of 2K x 2K and an ultra-compact 8μm size for unparalleled sensitivity and spatial resolution. Operating within the 3μm to 5μm spectral band, these detectors boast a dynamic range of 14 to 16 bits and an ultrafast < 100nsec response time, ensuring precise real-time thermal imaging. Resilient against Total Ionizing Dose (TID) levels of up to an impressive 300 Krad (Si), and featuring a Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NEDT) of < 20mK, these detectors exhibit exceptional sensitivity. With pixel operability exceeding 95%, low power consumption, and crafted through an advanced commercial foundry process, they represent the forefront of infrared sensing technology, delivering superior performance across diverse applications.


→  Unit Pixel: 8μm nBn T2SL structure

→  Pixel Density: 2K x 2K

→  Pixel Size: ≤ 8μm III-V Compounds-based Detector

→  Dynamic Range: 14 to 16 Bit

→  Spectral Band: 3μm to 5μm

→  Response Time: < 100nsec

→  TID Tolerance: upto 300 krads (Si)

→  NEDT: < 20mK

→  Specific Detectivity: 1011 @2Π ,300K

→  Spectral Responsivity: 3A/W

→  External Quantum Efficiency: >40%

→  Pixel Operability: >95%

→  Low Power Consumption

→  Fabricated in a Commericial Foundry process