High Resolution MCI ASIC

High Resolution MCI ASIC

Unveiling our cutting-edge High-Resolution MCI ASIC - a compact powerhouse equipped with advanced features such as Over-Voltage Protection, Programmable Clamp, and a 12-bit ADC for unparalleled signal accuracy. Boasting a versatile 8-bit Offset Compensation DAC and Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA), this ASIC ensures precise signal processing. Facilitating streamlined testing are the on-board Test DAC and Serializer, while the integrated PLL and on-chip DLL enhance synchronization and timing precision. The ASIC also offers sophisticated power-down modes for efficient energy management and includes an SPI Interface for seamless programming. Trust in our ASIC to elevate your system's performance, delivering unparalleled reliability and adaptability for high-resolution applications.


→  Over-Voltage Protection Unit

→  Programmable Clamp Unit

→  CDS Unit

→  8-Bit Offset Compensation DAC

→  (PGA) Unit (8 Bit, 1 to 10 V/V)

→  12 Bit ADC

→  Test DAC

→  Serializer

→  PLL

→  On-Chip Programmable DLL for timing generation

→  Power down mode implementations

→  SPI Interface for Programming and temperature readout

→  On-Chip Voltage Reference